Artist transforms Trash Into Animals To tell Us About Pollution

To spread his message about endless waste manufacturing, Portuguese road singer Bordalo II (Artur Bordalo) produces stunning animal sculptures. But unlike many musicians and artists, Bordalo does not get his product – he scavenges it. He seeks to portray nature (animals) aided by the materials that threaten it.

us has recently written about Bordalo here and right here but it’s clear the artist actually planning stop their work any time in the future. As he began involved in Portugal, now he is going global. His newest trips function stops in Estonia as well as the United States Of America. He is bold, he is determined, and he’s consistent – let us hope that Bordalo will stay that way and continue their fight.

number 1 Fox

number 2 Weasel

number 3 Ouriço

# 4 Yuwana

no. 5 Rabbit

# 6 Trash Kitten

number 7 Pelican

#8 Flying Squirrel Close Up

#9 Camaleão

#10 Yellow Frog

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