I personally use Revolutionary means of Painting On Glass… In 3D

Over two decades ago, I became struggling to produce finishes satisfy and needed to decide whether or not to stay with my desire supporting my children as an artist or getting a 9 to 5 job.

One morning, sitting in my own studio – i acquired it! We called my wife (who is a singer by herself) and shared with her about my idea – painting on numerous quantities of glass. These week we took some pieces I meant to a show and sold-out! 🙂

Each artwork includes a number of levels of cup divided by interior structures. The depth produces a game title of hide-and-go-seek. Light and shadow produce the illusion of action.

I’d like to offer all you could, united states watchers, 50% OFF any of our Limited Edition paintings. Promotion code: us as well as the offer stands until Summer seventh.

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