19 Portraits Of People With Birthmarks that may Change The Method The thing is Them

“Did the man you’re seeing beat you?” “Did you wash all of those other paint off your face?” “You have your lip stick around.” These are just a few of the reviews received because of the subjects of Copenhagen-based professional photographer Linda Hansen’s recent portrait show, called Nevus Flammeus. Also referred to as port-wine stain, nevus flammeus is a congenital vascular malformation that triggers birthmarks varying in color from light rose to crimson. Observing someone using this problem would be considered rude if you saw them on the street, but Hansen’s photographs encourage that look in order to force the audience to look at individual behind the birthmark.

“i do want to make a conflict,” Hansen told Feature Shoot. “How long must you look? When do you realy start to see the various other details within the image? The nose, that the clothes are sitting slightly incorrect. All the tiny details which are vital. When you’ve got checked enough in the person, the level does not come to be interesting any longer. I contrast it to presenting a tattoo: It’s inquisitive, or a unique mark with history. It’s gorgeous. Why when you’ve got a mark with nature, this is simply not OK?”

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