Disney Princesses Face Real-Life Problems Like medication And Rape In effective Photo Series By Shannon Dermody

We’ve become familiar with seeing Disney princesses as symbols of purity, beauty, and feel-good feelings. Exactly what when they ever found myself in the real world with of the assault, drugs, sex trafficking and all sorts of another awful material we see in the everyday news?

That is what a Philadelphia-based professional photographer Shannon Dermody set up to explore in her own latest photo series featuring Disney princesses dealing with medications, alcohol, domestic violence, rape, intercourse trafficking and all sorts of the darkest facets of our truth.

The professional photographer is wanting to raise understanding concerning the real-world problems by firmly taking us from our safe place and speaing frankly about dramatic living circumstances people around the globe face every day. You should be cautioned that some of the photographs are very graphic.

More Information: Shannon Dermody | Facebook (h/t: demilked, ufunk)

number 1 Domestic Violence

no. 2 Pollution

number 3 Alcoholism

# 4 Rape

#5 Suicide

# 6 Sex Trafficking

no. 7 Tobacco

#8 Heroin

# 9 Police Brutality

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